1/26 — March for Life Event!

What?: Fr. Michael Mary Dosch was a previous chaplain to our group and started a Frassati Society in Columbus while pastor at his last assignment before returning to St. Gertrude’s as the Novice Master.  He has been to more than half of the Marches for Life and has a personal testimony to life from his family.  He loves questions, some come prepared to ask some!

Where?: St. Gertrude Parish in Madeira, OH

When?: Thursday 1/26 @ 7:00pm in the Parish Center. Adoration in the main church starting at 8:00pm. Pub Fellowship at the Tap House to follow.

Who?: YOU!! And please bring your friends! Anyone ages 18-33 welcome! We love to meet new people. Be sure to check out our Facebook page and website. See you then!