Lorenzo Monaco: Last Supper

Lent is for Lovers!

The Season of Penance is a Season of Love. . .Lent is for Lovers!

Check out the trailer below, then make Valentine’s Day dinner plans!


The start of Lent begins February 14, 2018. Ash Wednesday falls on Valentine’s Day.

Inspired by the seemingly bizarre juxtaposition, Lent is for Lovers reflects on the way that prayer, fasting, and alms givings grows out of love.

Living Lent is not simply a matter of giving things up. It is about taking on new life.

You can get closer to Jesus alone in your room, but. . .

He made us to know Him in a group: the Church.

This Lent St. Gertrude’s Parish is offering reflections on the transformative power of love.

Join in person at church and online at Lent.Love.